Even a well-constructed system is only able to produce the expected results when properly operated and carefully maintained.

For us, long-term customer care and customer satisfaction are of key importance, so our work is not done at the end of a construction. Our activities allow us to continuously oversee how the shared commitment we have undertaken with our partners is being implemented. By way of a regular presence, we are able to continuously monitor the status of the cost-saving action program.




Our numerous references for operation activities cover all fields of energetics, including solar parks and building engineering and electricity engineering works. Our long-term cooperations with our partners serve as proof of the credibility of our expertise in the market. Have your institute become our partner.


Whether it is non-recurring orders or fixed-fee contracts, we always strive for predictability and fairness. With its background and experience, PannonWatt Zrt. is the best choice for solar parks with capacities of between 50 and 500 kW and for other energy-saving goals.


PannonWatt provides comprehensive services for the scheduling and operation of solar parks with capacities of 50–500 kW and capacities exceeding 500 kW, and for the administration of the KÁT (Obligatory Off-take) / METÁR (Renewable Electricity Support System) / GREEN PREMIUM.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via the options provided under the Contact Us menu item.

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