Residential energy storage

One StEp Solution

Compatible with any type of Demand

➤ Our BluE series covers single phase 1 to 6 kW, three phase 3-25 kW and up to 20 kWh Energy Storage System. This range is predominantly designed for modern house and small commercial energy demand.

➤ One App to monitor your power flow for different systems.





Application of energy storage system

Powered by CATL

Lithium Ion batteries have received some negative press in recent years for their use of nickel and cobalt which are mined in countries with a poor record workers rights and use of child labour. There is currently a race to remove these materals from other manufacturers batteries worldwide. The CATL battery has already stopped using these materials and has moved to an LFP chemistry which has 0% cobalt or nickel. This same chemistry is being used in the Tesla Model 3 being supplied to China and EU.


The BluE ESS includes all the components needed to transform the energy produced by PV panels into usable energy for household consumption or to store it in the integrated battery and use it in the moment of real world.



SOLARMAN Smart home system with APP

Remote access to the system

With the app you can monitor production and energy consumption of your home in real time. Set your preferences to optimize your energy independence, the protection against blackouts or energy savings.

Thanks to instant alerts and access to distance, you can control your plant wherever you are.




Downloadable datasheets:

Product list:

PannonWatt_KSTAR_Product_list.pdf (4 kB)


Single-phase residential inverters:

KSTAR Datasheet BluE-G SP 1-3k_en.pdf (4 kB)

KSTAR Datasheet BluE-GxxxxD SP 3,6-6k _en.pdf (4 kB)


Three-phase residential inverters:

KSTAR Datasheet BluE-xKT TP 3-12k_en.pdf (4 kB)

KSTAR Datasheet KSG-xKT TP 15-25k_en.pdf (4 kB)

KSTAR Datasheet KSG-xKT 25-40k_en.pdf (4 kB)


BluE residential ESS:

KSTAR Datasheet BluE Res ESS 3,68-5k_en.pdf (4 kB)

KSTAR Datasheet 3-PH BluE Res 10k_en.pdf (4 kB)

ISO 9001


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