Grid-scale energy storage

A power system with large-scale energy storage can use various types. Large centralized generators can run at a steady rate, with no need to undergo inefficient cycling to respond to changes in demand. If the power generated by solar or wind installations exceeds demand, it can be stored rather than wasted.

Storage can also relieve congestion on transmission lines, increase reliability and performance, and allow for the efficient use of existing infrastructure. Moreover, storage makes the power system more resilient, reducing outages and aiding in emergency preparedness.

This solution is key for integrating variable renewable generation sources into the electricity grid, balancing the supply and demand for electricity, replacing natural gas peaking plants, allowing increased reliance on baseload generation, and avoiding the need to cycle baseload units.

Summarized: the utility-scale battery storage system can enable greater penetration of variable renewable energy into the grid storing any excess generated energy and smoothing out the energy output in a process called capacity firming. When combined with renewable energy generators, such as wind, hydro, or solar (PV), our battery storage solutions can unlock the full potential of renewable energy by providing more reliable and far less expensive electricity in isolated grids and off-grid communities.



Downloadable Datasheets:

GSE-MV Turnkey Solution

KSTAR Datasheet GSE-MV Turnkey Solution_en.pdf (4 kB)


KESS Series Integrated Storage System

KSTAR Datasheet KESS Series Integrated Storage System_en.pdf (4 kB)

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