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Energy storage is essential to ensure that energy that has already been produced but not yet used can be stored for later use, so that it is not wasted. This is particularly important in the case of solar energy use, because depending on environmental conditions, at some times much more energy is produced than is used, and sometimes solar panels do not produce, for example at night or during cloudy weather, and we need energy from other sources or stored energy.

Our company is able and capable to design, manufacture, supply and install special tailor-made energy storage solutions.

All-in-One Outdoor Cabinet Energy Storage Solution foR C&I

Modular Solution

➤ Ideal for: PV+ESS, reduction of self-consumption

➤ Highly integrated solution

Modular design, 2~4 hour backup

IP65, easy transportation and installation

➤ Emergency power supply

➤ On/Off-grid mode, PV+ESS+DG

➤ Demand management mode (TOU)

Remote monitoring, integrated EMS

➤ 50kW/100kWh; modular

Expandable moduls up to

Off-Grid: max. 500kW / 1000kWh

On-Grid: max. 1000kW / 2000kWh



Powered by CATL

Lithium Ion batteries have received some negative press in recent years for their use of nickel and cobalt which are mined in countries with a poor record workers rights and use of child labour. There is currently a race to remove these materals from other manufacturers batteries worldwide. The CATL battery has already stopped using these materials and has moved to an LFP chemistry which has 0% cobalt or nickel. This same chemistry is being used in the Tesla Model 3 being supplied to China and EU.


Downloadable Datasheets:

All-in-one ESS cabinet, 50kW/100kWh outdoor

KSTAR Datasheet KAC50DP-BC100DM_en.pdf (4 kB)

ISO 9001


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